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I have severe osteoarthritis in my hips, neck and lower spine.  I have frequent muscle release therapy done by Dr. Wilson which has given me great relief from pain and is a prime reason I’m still able to walk. – Jacqueline 80 years old

The physical demand of being a plumber is the cause of aches in my neck, knees and mid back areas.  I also maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out at least 4-5 days a week.  With the treatment from Dr. Wilson I am able to perform at my job and be as active as I want.  Dr. Wilson has helped me in many ways from relieving my aches and pains to getting proper sleep at night. I will continue to be a patient of Dr. Wilson for years to come! – Travis 26 years old

My posture isn’t the greatest as a result of my work.  But Dr. Wilson has really helped me with my back and left shoulder tightness.  Switching jobs isn’t an option for me; therefore, I am pleased with the treatment that I get at his clinic. – Kelley 39 years old

My son, my daughter and I have all had injuries which we brought to Dr. Wilson to assess.  Dr. Wilson’s careful, thorough and very clearly communicated assessment and treatment have helped us heal and prevent further injury. Thanks! – Maria 47 years old

As a Karate Sensei, the demands on my body tend to slow me down sometimes.  Dr. Wilson is able to keep me mobile and moving so that I can feel good while I’m at work and when I teach Karate. – Dr. Bell 32 years old

I enjoy receiving massage treatments from Juliana as it helps me to relax and unwind.  My job is rather stressful and her treatment calms my nerves and melts away the tightness. – Ruth 29 years old

I am a police officer and the stress of my job can be a bit much.  A massage from Juliana really makes my tight shoulders and neck feel much better. Thank-you Juliana. – Shannon 37 years old

I’ve had many Chiropractic experiences and never felt as good as I do under the care of Dr. Wilson. I look forward to my visits and always leave feeling great and well looked after! – Jen 28 years old

What impressed me about Dr. Wilson is he is concerned with my overall health and not just my chiropractic issues.  I have been seeing Chiropractors for over 30 years, and Dr. Wilson has been able to solve issues that the previous ones could not.  I find him very up to date on the latest procedures and technologies, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family whenever I can. – Brian 55 years old

Working at a desk job causes my shoulder and neck muscles to be tight causing me headaches. Dr. Wilson has really helped me with this and I now rarely get headaches or pain. He is very professional and has helped me with stretches that extend the benefits of his treatment between appointments. – Holly 26 years old

I have been seeing Dr. Wilson for chronic pain resulting from a shoulder injury. He is available for questions and encouraged me with my nutrition in an effort to help boost my energy.  I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone looking for an individualized approach.  He is a Professional who is concerned with every aspect of his patient’s injuries, pain and recovery. I have never walked out of his treatment room feeling that I have been rushed through. – Candace 61 years old